About Us

White Gold is born out of a need to bring back the golden years of incentives. Concorde, luxury weekends away, briefcases full of cash, wing walking, track days, jewellery etc. White Gold brings this to a digital era of crypto. The 21st century reward token.

White Gold has swiftly taken over traditional reward programmes and structures by offering luxury rewards for hard working employees. Statistics show that this new trend being referred to as ‘on-demand’ or ‘access economy’ has changed the way businesses reward their staff and has thus become the most talked-about business term of this decade. The fact that 42% of the total adult world population has used the services of at least one on-demand service, thus there is a growing demand for on-demand services in the global society today.

The idea to start this company  was birthed through the observable need in the business world. With the continuous development of technology, everything has changed, whether it’s the way we spend, live, incentivise, and reward hard work. 

White Gold aims to be a store of value for its users. Allowing them to save and store without the high inflation of current fiat currencies.

White Gold is the latest solution for rewarding and incentivising your employees

When the amount of people using cryptocurrency for their everyday purchase’s increases, the world will change from the bottom up. It will be the most dramatic change in the on-demand industry since the credit card, and many commercial dinosaurs, perhaps including cash, will go extinct. This widespread theory is merely waiting for the practice. In order for White Gold to realise its vision of revolutionising the way employers reward their staff, it will bind cryptocurrency with luxury incentives, delivering real world rewards. White Gold will be giving its users greater reach with greater ease, cracking the code. White Gold is the foundation on which the best crypto reward token will be built.

First, the token serves as an incentive, unlocking the door to the White Gold platform.

Second, it will be used as a means of incentivising, to get more from your workforce.

Third, it covers the transition from fiat currency to the world of blockchain, not completing transactions until all targets are completed.